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Legal and Acceptable Dumpster Contents in Tampa

waste-managementBefore starting any remodeling or cleanup project, knowing the acceptable dumpster contents in Tampa will save possible fines imposed if regulations are broken. These rules apply to both residential and commercial properties, and one important point concerns toxic chemicals and other similar hazardous material. None of these substances can be put into regular trash cans due to environmental risks. Older properties with asbestos siding pose one issue because this kind of siding can’t be thrown away inĀ construction dumpster service containers.

Don’t Throw These Household Materials into a Dumpster

Leftover house paint needs to be kept out of rented dumpsters, but it’s legal to throw away empty paint cans containing only dried paint by putting them in dumpsters. Other prohibited household item in powdered cleanser typically used to scrub out sinks and bathtubs.

Chemicals and Pesticides

Both of these substances need to be kept out of rental dumpsters as well due to the risks they present to humans and animals. Dumpster waste normally ends up in landfills, and chemicals are hazardous to the surrounding groundwater supplies.

Engine Oil and Transmission Fluid

After changing the oil and other fluids in cars, vehicle owners need to dispose of the substances correctly. These kinds of chemicals also need to be kept out of dumpsters, and various cities have their own rules and guidelines for disposal of do-it-yourself auto repair waste.

Recycle Paper Instead of Throwing it Away

Despite trends towards paperless and digital households and offices, a good amount of paper still gets used up and needs to be thrown out on a regular basis. Even though paper recycling is encouraged, it still is legal in most cities to throw used waste paper into rented dumpsters. The same guidelines and rules apply to most regular household trash from repairs or renovations.

Repair Debris in Rental Dumpsters

Household renovations yield plenty of trash, and a variety of items can be thrown into rented dumpsters without any problems. These include discarded sinks and bathtubs as well as older sink fixtures. During most roof remodeling projects, it’s also permissible to thrown old roof shingles into rented dumpsters. Similar guidelines apply to old carpeting, tiles, wooden furnishing and linoleum. Further information on proper waste disposal in rented dumpsters is available on the City of Tampa website. Before starting any home renovation project, home owners can also email the city government with any questions not answered on the same site.